Business Outcome Services (BOS)

New technologies powered by digital, cloud, mobility, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have brought about a transformation in Operations & Technology (O&T). Businesses are now able to independently make IT choices aligned with their business goals. The challenge for IT providers is to deliver flexible solutions that integrate business while delivering tangible business outcomes.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Business Outcome Services (BOS) are flexible and scalable, and have been designed to:

  • Enable you get velocity, quality and variabalized cost to succeed in your business outcomes
  • Deliver outcomes that are asset-IP led rather than people based
  • Create first-on-mobile-on-cloud solution in addition to traditional channels
  • Simplify and take over your processes with no disruption to your business processes
  • Meet dynamic business velocity with on-demand IT provisioning
  • Leverage dependable, flexible, interoperable and scalable Open Source solutions with assured quality

BOS are architected for business owners who want to harness IT to meet their goals without having to worry about legacy IT, modernization, optimization or changing industry standards. Our deep-seated culture of delivering extraordinary experiences ensures that we are dependable and aligned with your KPIs.

  • Solutions

    • Manufacturing Process Analytics and Compliance (mPAC)
    • Travel and Expenses (T&E)
    • Assure Health
    • Hospital Information System (HIS)
    • Manage Trade Promotion (Promax)


    • Faster roll out and customization
    • Vendor agnostic with third party applications and services integration across the enterprise
    • Directly linked to improvement delivered against Customer KPI
    • Gain-share either fixed or linked to percentage improvement achieved
    • Linked to output delivered e.g. number of use-cases, models, iterations etc.
    • Per use case pricing
    • Customer specific use-case delivered using Wipro Data Insight As A Service (DIaaS platform)
    • Regulatory and business rules compliant
    • High end-user satisfaction
  • Success Stories

    • For a US High-Tech Manufacturer: Wipro implemented an Integrated Global Quality System across 19 sites and 20 major suppliers. The system has achieved a cost saving of more than US$50 million per year for the client through improved yields, reduced scrap and lower recall costs.
    • For a Care Provider: Wipro implemented 34 modules of HIS solution across 8 locations to reduce OPD billing time by more than 70%, increase billing accuracy by more than 12%, reduce planned admission time by more than 35%, reduce unplanned admission time by more than 50% and reduce discharge time by more than 62.5%.

    Service Components

    • Next Gen Operations
      • Process variabalization
      • IP Assets including PRESM
      • Pre-packaged and pre-configured solutions
    • Next Generation IT
      • Delivery simplification through process, technology and automation
    • Industry Platforms
      • Manufacturing
      • Hospitals and Patient Care
      • Manage Trade Promotion