Consumer Goods

Complex consumer habits, new cultural influences of global markets and rapidly changing technological preferences are reshaping products and business models in the Consumer Goods industry. Organizations in this space are busy reaching out to the Millennials and the Baby Boomers while grappling with a world of changing brand loyalties, cross-channel conflicts and digital influences.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Consumer Goods business for B2B and B2C organizations provides products and services that:

  • Accelerate growth through digital transformation
  • Decode new opportunities in sourcing, manufacturing, supply chain and marketing
  • Empower organizations to collaborate within and outside to create better products

Our expertise ensures agility and responsiveness to changing market, product, consumer, technology and regulatory needs.

  • A-List Domain Experts

    • Trade Promotion and Management/Optimization experts
    • Retail marketing specialists
    • Agribusiness technologists
    • Fashion marketing and retail specialists
    • Food & Beverage consultants
    • Home & Personal Care product developers
    • Tobacco plant & machinery specialists
    • Pharma research and marketing consultants
    • Dedicated Consumer Electronics product research, engineering and support specialists
    • Transport, Logistics and Warehousing professionals

    Areas Covered

    • Data & Analytics
    • Application Development and Management
    • Digital Transformation
    • Integrated Trade & Marketing
    • Omni Channel Support & Digital Payments
    • Global Supply Chain & Product Lifecycle Management
    • Safety and Traceability - Advisory & Consulting



    Wipro has been recognized as a Best - in - Class Outsourcing and Consulting Service Provider by 'Consumer Goods Technology' Readers: Wipro has been ranked among the Top 4 providers in the outsourcing category and has been voted an Experience Leader in the Consulting category in a poll conducted by Consumer Goods Technology for 2014.