Software Defined Everything

As IT finds its way into practically every aspect of an organization’s functions, the scale of IT and IT infrastructure is changing. Software-Defined Everything (SDE) – which refers to various distributed hardware systems being replaced by advances software programs in a virtualization-enabled data center – is being called the ‘next big thing’. SDE networks running on virtualization techniques have the potential to provide completely virtualized IT systems.

How Wipro Helps

Software Defined Everything marks the intersection of computing infrastructure and virtualization, harnessing power of next gen delivery models to intelligently manage and control networking, storage and data center infrastructure using smart bots. A software defined IT infrastructure can be re-purposed on demand; it can instantly re-distribute workloads across systems in order to meet changing demands. In order to bring to you the huge potential of SDE, Wipro is working on:

  • Software defined infrastructure
  • Software defined everyday
  • Software defined processes
  • Software defined systems

Computing and storage needs are growing across businesses as data volumes grow. Even a modest school facility today has surveillance and safety cameras everywhere; some of it mandated by legislation and some obligated by the demands of society.

Data and applications are changing on a scale that the industry has not witnessed before. And physical IT infrastructure is a bottleneck towards rapid change. We know that the concept of virtualized infrastructure and applications is well understood but remains to be effectively explored and implemented. The potential result would be an agile system that can respond to dynamic business requirements and can exploit heterogeneous clusters of devices providing higher levels of efficiency. The benefits to enterprises in terms of cost optimization and efficiency would be huge.