Smart Devices

Smart devices are already leading the charge in the current ever-changing business climate. Forward-thinking businesses around the world are leveraging these devices that are flexible and capable of sensing newer parameters, analyzing situations, anticipating risks and offering context aware intelligence to make businesses more profitable.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro is harnessing the power of sensing technologies that are capable of going well beyond the task of monitoring and are capable of executing smart decisions, based on learning. Our key focus areas to enrich your experience and deliver value include:

  • Remote Health Monitoring
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Work Force Safety and Security
  • Continuous Authentication
  • Video Analytics

Smart Systems have significant potential to revolutionize health safety in businesses industries. We have created a health necklace for patients who are under step-down treatment after surgery. The monitoring system uses sophisticated algorithms to alert doctors when required and the patient can be called in immediately for treatment. Patients no longer need to stay in the hospital with doctors now equipped to remotely monitor the vital body parameters. The data is continuous, allowing doctors to arrive at better decisions than they could before.

At Wipro we believe that smart devices have the potential to bring about a major shift in how you get information, manage it and act upon it. While remote monitoring is one of the smart systems use case, there is a move towards embedded intelligence, whereby devices and smart systems can analyze and anticipate situations, take decisions and perform smart actions.