Next-Gen Application Architecture

The Internet is fast evolving into an always-on, ever-connected continuous data and activity stream to meet the mounting requirements of today’s applications. With cloud taking over as the platform of choice, there is a shift from the conventional application architectures that rely on individual enterprises to Internet technologies and services that are more open and meet the computing needs of individuals and organizations in an interdependent Cloud environment.

How Wipro Helps

Enterprises are increasingly looking at the next-generation application architecture for end-to-end business collaboration, greater productivity, speed and efficiency as well as to promote growth for Adaptive Enterprises. With a focus on constantly building on your business capabilities, enhancing collaboration and access to information, Wipro is working on:

  • Agile Process
  • Digital Experience
  • Continuous Development and Deployment
  • Intelligent & Dynamic Insights

The Next Generation of IT systems will address the challenges of availability on scale moving from efficiency to effectiveness erasing the boundaries between personal and enterprise computing. We are working on creating architecture blueprints and frameworks for building Service Cloud that will speed up development and deployment of new solutions in your enterprise.

Systems today need to create services that can be used across the web, desktop and mobile environments. This is driving us to look at technology that goes beyond traditional hardware infrastructure, operating systems and software architectures. These changes call for new, massive scale architecture that is always on, responsive, fault tolerant and able to support a variety of endpoints and applications.