Man-Machine Interface

Human experience and interaction with machines is fast changing. Breakthroughs in Man-machine Interfaces (MMI) using acoustic, gestures, biometrics, body movement and virtual reality coupled with context aware applications are introducing higher levels of user engagement where interactions are dynamic, flexible, personalized, responsive, real-time and data driven. With Man Machine Interfaces, Wipro envisions innovation using next generation interactions by delivering intuitive and seamless user experience for tomorrow’s organizations.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro Delivers Next generation design services and interactions implementations using:

  • Devices & Sensors: Mobile Devices, Smart Wearables, Smart surfaces, Motion Sensors, Biometrics
  • Gesture recognition, Image recognition and Video analytics
  • Intersection of Physical and Digital World: Augmented reality, virtual reality
  • Smart Assistant Platforms - Voice interaction, natural language processing, contextual and personalized assistance
  • Gaming and Gamification: Game design to address business challenges
  • Machine Interactions: Vending machines, home appliances, industrial machines

Man-machine interfaces are critical for the efficiency, accuracy and safety of these interactions. Breakthroughs in Man-Machine interfaces, coupled with context aware applications, are introducing higher levels of user engagement making business processes ubiquitous. We help customer do business better by:

  • Identifying Industry pain areas
  • MMI led Transformed process
  • Technology evaluation
  • Leverage partnership and existing eco system (tools, frameworks etc.)
  • Stage gate solution build - Pilot
  • Deployment

Success Stories:

  • We transformed the customer care experience for a call center using Next Gen Machine interface and addressed challenges of high volume of calls, increased overhead and customer experience management by implementing Customer care genie leading to optimized infrastructure, reduction in human intervention and improvement in cost efficiencies and customer experience.
  • We enabled direct consumer connect for a Pharma Company using next-gen man machine interface. Opportunities for Pharma Companies lie in engaging with customers across the lifecycle of the disease, where Next Gen interactions assist in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and end-to-end disease management. A 360 degree relationship with the customer and broader offerings across the value-chain led to:
    • Increased revenues
    • Increased Customer Retention and
    • A decrease in churn